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Markvember 25: The BlackFist by suicidalassassin
Markvember 25: The BlackFist
Markvember entry 25!

Featuring the leader of the BlackGuard, Eli "BlackFist" Mercer! The first iconic African American super hero during the Civil Rights era, BlackFist played a major role in uplifting the morale of his people during that time.....before being "assassinated".  Taking a nap for nearly three decades, Mercer is awakened to find his people and the super hero community in general in a flux.  Intent on bringing morals back the image of a super hero, Mercer ironically bands together four convicts in hopes of showing them how to be REAL heroes for people to look to for hope.

However, he has not even come close to achieving that, as the BlackGuard are considered a threat and a laughing stock in the super hero community.

See Mercer and the BlackGuard in action at
Markvember 24: Skull and Baseball by suicidalassassin
Markvember 24: Skull and Baseball
Markvember entry 24!

Featuring MeatJack(left) and Angry Billy from the "BlackGuard" web comic story arc, "BlackGuard vs The Goonz".  See them in action against the BlackGuard at

#markvember #blackguard
Markvember 23: Son Of Sin by suicidalassassin
Markvember 23: Son Of Sin

Markvember entry 23!

Featuring Fetcher. The son of a "super hero" serial killer, Fetcher wants nothing more than to re-establish honor to his family's name by becoming a world renowned hero.

‪#‎rivalheroes‬ ‪#‎markvember‬

Markvember 22: Protect Ya Brain by suicidalassassin
Markvember 22: Protect Ya Brain
Markvember entry 22!

Featuring Kelly Dojo. One of the most deadly martial artist in the world of Rival Heroes, who also happens to be a well trained telepath. If she can't knock you out with her fist, she'll be more than happy to cap you with a mind bullet.

#markvember #rivalheroes
Markvember 21: A lil' Voo Doo'll Do You by suicidalassassin
Markvember 21: A lil' Voo Doo'll Do You
Markvember entry 21!

Featuring Felicite Velveteen. A spunky lil' witch who's optimistic view on life is a stark contrast to the dangerous power that resides within her, thus making her a major target for those who oppose meta humans and especially, witchcraft.
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Phew!  Been a minute since I've done a journal on here, buuuuuuuuuuut....I've got some great news!

For all of my "BlackGuard" fans on here, issue number one of "BlackGuard" is now available on Comixology!  For those who've been with us since the beginning, this is the first half of our "Monkey See, Monkey Free" story arc in which the BlackGuard are sent on their first mission to investigate a missing weapon of mass destruction..............and then unintentionally release it into civilization!

You can purchase the digital book via the link:…

Thanks for the continued support on here!  You guys are the greatest! As for me, I gotta get back to drawing this week's BlackGuard strip :D  Be sure to keep up with the latest strips at our site:

Willie J Smith II aka The Suicidal Assassin


Willie Smith
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
As one half of the BOSC(Brothers Of Spontaneous Combustion), Willie J Smith aka Suicidal Assassin, is the illustrator and co-writer/creator of the web comic known as BLACKGUARD. Residing in Savannah, GA, where he studied sequential art at the Savannah College Of Art and Design for two years, the Suicidal one not only honed his craft on the bristol board, but also embraced the local underground hip hop culture. In fact, while not drawing comics, he can be found on a local stage performing as Righteous The Poet with local Savannah hip hop group, Dope Sandwich. The hip hop culture, which he loves so much, can easily be seen in his somewhat graffiti inspired style of art. Go ahead, take a look at the gallery of the Suicidal's to die for.

And be sure to read BLACKGURAD here

Current Residence: Savannah, Ga
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Hip Hop, Alternative, Acid Jazz
Favourite style of art: Hip hop/graph inspired,
Favourite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny
Personal Quote: Never Lower Your Standards to please the masses.


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would you draw somthing awsome for the group please
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willie ! whattap !
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Hi! :)
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happy birthday bro
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suicidalassassin Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That actually sounds like fun to draw.  I'd love to take a crack at it, but I've got a lot on my table at the moment.  If you could private message me, that would be awesome.  That way, I could have time to come back to the idea and be reminded of it :)
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